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Use this form to send us questions. You can also send messages to each artist, but you can reach them directly by going to their online portfolios. Please send us a message with your design idea, size, and location on the body. If you have a specific artist in mind, let us know. Otherwise, we will connect you with who we think is the best person for the job. Please allow up to up to 3 days for a response. Thank you!

Scheduling Your Session

First things first, clients must be 18 years or older.
  1. Do some window shopping on social media to check out what the Wolf and Shadow Tattoo Collective has been up to and decide which portfolios you’re most attracted to.
  2. Call ahead to inquire about scheduling and consultation. You’ll be able to fill out all forms and processing digitally at the shop from there.
  3. Yes, a deposit is required to move forward and it’ll be contingent upon estimated pricing.

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Welcome to Wolf & Shadow Tattoo Collective Portland!

We are a collective of passionate artists creating badass art in a welcoming environment.

We are a queer and woman-centered space.

We are celebrating self-expression through the wacky, weird, witchy, and whimsical.

We are howling at the moon until we find our pack, our people, our community.

We are a Portland tattoo shop with talented tattoo artists specializing in a variety of styles. Our process is collaborative and focused on giving each client a comfortable experience. Contact us for your next tattoo!

Wolf & Shadow + Witchwood

Our spellbinding Portland storefront is a tattoo shop and retail space (or maybe it’s a werewolf-witch hybrid). Witchwood, for the morbidly inclined, is conjuring high-quality vegan accessories with horror, witchcraft, true crime, and nerd inspirations. This is the place to go if you’re looking for horror earrings, witchy hats, funny goth shirts, creepy stickers, spooky satchels, and more. Witchwood’s one-of-a-kind products are available in the retail space at the front of the shop. So when you open our doors, don’t be surprised when you’re whisked away to another realm.

Witchwood is currently open Wednesday to Sunday from 12 pm to 7 pm.

Our Origin Story

True goth love is the start of Wolf & Shadow PDX.

Our San Diego location (fka Diego Tattoo Gallery), has been open since 2012, but our expansion to Portland wouldn’t be possible without the incantation of love.

Cari Fox (Wolf & Shadow Tattoo Collective owner and artist) and Molly Fox (Witchwood owner, designer, and artist) got married in 2022. Along with meshing their furry families together, they started dreaming of a space where Witchwood and Wolf & Shadow converge. They found the perfect place (2236 NE Broadway) in the Irvington neighborhood of Portland. This community is walkable, supports small businesses, and embraces the LGBTQ+ community. All of these ingredients were crucial when deciding where our dreams could materialize.

The Fable

Our shop name is inspired by Aesop’s Fable, The Wolf and the Shadow. In this story, a small wolf catches a glimpse of his own oversized shadow. Foolishly, he believes he is actually much larger in stature as a result. He does not understand the trick of the sun exaggerating his shadow. And, like anyone who has inflated their ego to epic proportions, the wolf believes he is invincible. He becomes jealous of the lion, the king of the jungle, and believes his giant self to be more worthy of the crown. In true Aesop fashion, the wolf learns his lesson the hardest way as he’s swallowed by the much more capable lion. Ultimately he falls victim to his own grandiosity.

This fable resonates with us. The tattoo industry is full of wonderfully talented people. And also, there are some wolves beating their chest and gatekeeping the community. Unfortunately, those voices have historically been the face of our industry. At Wolf & Shadow Tattoo Collective, we are dedicated to removing the ego from tattooing. We treat everyone that walks in the door as equals. There are no giant shadows for us to hide behind, no fame or pretentiousness leading us into the lion’s mouth. We want you to only be nervous with excitement about your new tattoo, not the social hierarchy of the too-cool artists at the shop.

We chose “tattoo collective” because we truly believe the artists make the space. We welcome tattooers who value kindness, diversity, and self-expression. This is how we keep ourselves from being an ego driven business. Our artists are happy to work here and we believe this inevitably gives our clients a better experience.

Support Small Business

Thank you for choosing a small business to adorn your body and your life. We are thankful to spend our lives making art in collaboration with rad people like you.

We are looking forward to your next tattoo appointment, custom retail order, or art commission.

Wolf & Shadow Tattoo Collective Locations

If you’re ever in San Diego taking a sunny break from the Portland drizzle, stop by our original location. Our San Diego tattoo shop has the same mission, vision, and dedication as our Portland Tattoo Shop – and there’s also a giant statue of a chihuahua you really have to see in person.