(and other nerdy tattoo goodness)

Star Wars Day, May 4th, is just around the corner… OR if you missed this year – you can start planning for the next!

What better way to commemorate your inner (or proudly obvious) nerd than with a tattoo?! Wolf and Shadow Tattoo Collective [fka Diego Tattoo Gallery] is excited to host a flash event that not only celebrates Star Wars but also embraces other speculative fiction followings like Dr. Who, Star Trek, Futurama, Rick and Morty and Black Mirror, just to name a few.

Each artist at Wolf and Shadow Tattoo Collective [fka Diego Tattoo Gallery] has one nerdy specialty up their sleeve.

  • Cari offers 50% off all Rick and Morty tattoos.
  • Sara is obsessed with X-Files.

Reach out to any artist with your idea and create a custom tattoo that pays tribute to your bad ass nerdy passion.

Some of our previous May 4th specials:

Join us this May 4th, 2019 for a day of nerdy and hilarious pre-drawn flash that honors the legacy of George Lucas’s Star Wars and other science fiction fantasies. If you have been pondering a wonderful idea for your next sci-fi tattoo and don’t want a pre-drawn flash piece please contact an artist asap to book an appointment in advance.

Check out the shop each year and the artist’s individual Instagram for pictures of available art!