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Interested in getting a tattoo by Maliya? Submit a request for consult below, call the shop to schedule an appointment, or reach out the Maliya on Instagram.

What made you want to be a tattoo artist or when did you decide?

    I’ve always been an arts & crafts kid & always loved trying out different mediums. I spent most of my childhood painting and in college I decided to study art, media, & design. I knew I wanted to have an art career but I didn’t know what it would be. I started getting tattoos the day I turned 18 & it soon became something I absolutely loved. It wasn’t until halfway through my college years that I realized I could combine my love for tattoos and desire to be an artist. 


What’s your background? How did you get started? 

    I started out in my own apartment. I practiced tattooing on myself and on fake skin. I got lots of tattoos from artists I looked up to & I asked A LOT of questions. I also practiced drawing a lot whether it was for school or in my own free time. I slowly became more knowledgeable on the tattoo world & safety precautions. Getting comfortable with my machine and my craft, I began to tattoo close friends and people who trusted me. 


What styles do you specialize in or prefer to work on? 

    I specialize in fineline black & grey work. I would love to eventually work on more anime style work as well as black & grey photo realism. 


What are your tattoo goals? What kind of pieces do you love working on? What would you love to do more of?

    The greatest part of this job is that there is constantly room for growth. I don’t see myself staying stagnant & would love to expand on my style. My ultimate end goal is to tattoo photo realism because before tattooing I was very invested in photography. I would love to be able to combine my two favorite mediums. Another goal of mine is to be able to travel & tattoo. Doing guest spots all over the country & the world would allow me to see new things and meet so many people. The people are what make this job so special. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do and learn more if it weren’t for the people I get to meet. I love working on pieces where I can collaborate with the client. Bringing our ideas together and giving me creative trust always creates the best tattoos where both the client & I walk away happy. I would love to do more collaboration pieces, fineline photo realism, anime/manga panels, or any types of tattoos with lots of detail. 


Are there any tattoo requests you turn down? 

    I usually don’t turn down too many requests. I’m very open to customs as long as it fits within my style. 


How do you work with your clients? 

    The process begins by discussing what the client is wanting, where they want it on their body, how big their thinking, & their budget. From here I can get a good idea of what we’re going to do & about how much it’ll cost. If everything sounds good for everyone we
can move forward with scheduling an appointment. I require a deposit in order to secure the appointment date/time. The day of the appointment we can look through the design together & see if we want to alter anything. 


Who’s your ideal client?  

    My ideal client is someone who is very thorough on what they want but also open to my creativity/ideas. 

Do you have any advice for the first-timer? 

    Don’t be afraid to vocalize things to your artist. Whether its before, during, or after, don’t be afraid to ask questions or be honest. The tattooing process involves the collaboration of both parties & especially since its going on your body permanently, you want to make sure you have a good experience. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, its so important that you express that. Prior to your appointment, it’s important to eat a good meal & drink lots of water. 

What’s your favorite Local destination? 

    I love being outside so my favorite local destination would have to be Balboa Park. Theres just so much to do there! 


How do we find you on Social Media? Please list your usernames and channels below.

    You can find me on instagram! My username is @bobibeanz 🙂