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What made you want to be a tattoo artist or when did you decide? 

When I was about 12, my parents started getting tattooed. I used to accompany them to the shop, and fell in love with it the very first time I walked in. The idea of getting to draw skulls for a living was incredible to me, and about a decade later I managed to snag an apprenticeship.

What’s your background? How did you get started? 

It was after high school. I was working one dead end job after another, and had a realization one day that my life was not going the way I had wanted it to go. I was 23 and didnt have a single tattoo, so I decided I had to change, started getting tattooed, and found an amazing apprenticeship. Been doing it ever since.


What styles do you specialize in or prefer to work on? 

I prefer to do what I would call “Goth black and Grey”. You know, skulls, spiders, broken hearts, Love and Death, that sort of thing.

What are your tattoo goals? What kind of pieces do you love working on? What would you love to do more of?

I would love to do more big pieces. I have tons of flash designs available, and im always down for a challenge.


Are there any tattoo requests you turn down?  

The only times I tattoo the insides of lips are when im bullied into it by a charismatic client. Otherwise I tend to be pretty open minded with what people want on their bodies.

How do you work with your clients? 

if at all possible I prefer to do consultations face to face first. I feel like its easier for everyone involved to communicate their do’s and dont’s in person. If its not possible, I have been known to work with clients through email or DMs. Whatever works!

Who’s your ideal client?  

My ideal client is someone who has an idea of what they want but is willing to let me run with it. So much of this process is based on mutual trust, and as long as we can maintain that, I’d consider you golden.

Do you have any advice for the first-timer? 

It doesn’t hurt as bad as you think it will! Also, know the work of the artist you are with, and trust them to nail it. You won’t be disappointed.

What’s your favorite Local destination? 

Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery. It’s one of the most beautiful views of the harbor in the city, and the neighbors are peaceful and quiet.


How do we find you on Social Media? Please list your usernames and channels below.

You can find me on instagram and on Tiktok as @theboneyardart