Getting your first tattoo? Much.Excite! Madison has some tips for you:

  1. Do your research and find an artist who specializes in the style you want
  2. Give the artist some freedom to let them figure out the design
  3. Make sure you’re hydrated and have something to eat before getting tattooed

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Get to Know Madison:

What made you want to be a tattoo artist?

I’ve wanted to be a tattoo artist since the first time I got a tattoo myself when I was 18. The experience was cathartic and therapeutic, and made me feel like it was actually possible to be an individual in a world where it feels like everyone has a mold they are supposed to fit. I can remember every tattoo experience that I’ve ever had very clearly, from what was going on in my life and mind at the time, to the conversations I had with the tattoo artist. Tattoos are a great way to landmark your life, and I love the idea of getting to give that experience to someone else. 

What’s your background? How did you get started?

I’ve been interested in art and the creative world my entire life, and have used it as a way of translating the world inside my head to something tangible. For me, art is a way of bridging the gap between the surrealism that can only exist in one’s imagination and reality, and I’ve used it as a way of processing life for a long time. I think I started seeing art as something I could share and monetize when I was about 17 and would sell prints of my watercolor paintings online, and eventually that turned into wanting to find a way to make tattoos and art as a career. Cari and Diana have been gracious enough to mentor me in tattooing, and I’ve been apprenticing under them since February of 2019.

What styles do you specialize in or prefer to work on?

I’m personally drawn to surrealism, especially psychedelia, space stuff, and generally things that couldn’t exist in real life. I love the bright colors and bold lines of traditional style tattooing, but I like to add my own style when it comes to the subject matter. I love art that hurts your brain to look at, like an Escher-style staircase or a geometric black hole leading to no where, or a red and blue drawing that you would need 3D glasses to look at.

What are your tattoo goals? What kind of pieces do you love working on? What would you love to do more of?

I would love to be able to get to the place where I can comfortably create custom tattoos that both the client and myself are stoked on. I’d love to get better at freehand tattooing, since I think it’s an amazing way to connect to the client and both of you get to watch the artwork come to life. I’d love to see more of my own personal artwork find homes on other peoples bodies.

Are there any requests that you turn down?  

I would only refuse to tattoo hate speech, or anything that is racist, homophobic, sexist, or xenophobic.

How do you work with your clients?

I like to talk to my clients in person when possible. I think it helps to connect and get to know the person’s vibe before tattooing them. I love learning about the imaginations of others are figuring out how to turn their ideas into art. 

Who is your ideal client?  

My ideal client is someone who I get along with on a personal level as well as professionally. I love when people choose my already made pieces to get tattooed, or have an idea that I think is really cool that they let me have creative freedom with.

Do you have advice for first timers?

Communication and open-mindedness are key in my opinion. It’s always good to ask tons of questions and make sure you fully understand the process, but also keep an open mind to the artists style. Choose an artist who’s style you love already, and you’ll be more likely to get a tattoo that you love forever.

What makes Diego Tattoo Studio the best tattoo shop in San Diego?

The people are really what makes Diego special to me. I’m so thankful to work along side some of the sweetest and most hard working people I’ve ever met. The energy in the shop always makes you feel good, and everyone’s artwork is unique and amazing.

What’s your favorite local San Diego destination?

Sunset Cliffs, the ocean is so magical!

I also love going to Kindred for vegan food and my favorite cocktails.

How do we find you on social media?

Instagram – @Satellitefully

Merch –